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26/10/2017 Mega Millions Will Be Bigger And Better

Changes to the game will be made on the 31st of October this month. The popular American game has finally decided go head-to-head with its competitor, US Powerball! We think it’s about time because Mega Millions is a favourite and it deserves to give players the best opportunities to change their lives forever!

In March 2012, Mega Millions broke the record for the biggest jackpot at the time. It was a staggering $656 million! It held the title for 3 years until Powerball came along and smashed that old record with a $1.6 BILLION draw in January 2016.

You can imagine that the Mega Millions lottery directors are also very excited about these changes. Here’s what Idaho Lottery director, Jeff Anderson, had to say about the new game format:
“Mega Millions is one of the top lottery games in the country. Players prefer games with ever-larger jackpots, so the time was right nationally, and here in Idaho, to introduce these game enhancements.”

Mega Millions Game Changes

After the new game format is introduced, Mega Millions will be a force to be reckoned with. Powerball isn’t necessarily going to be the lottery with the biggest jackpots in the world anymore. It’s going to have to move over and make some room for Mega Millions! Let’s take a look at what changes to expect:

Much bigger starting jackpots

Say what? Yes, you read right! Mega Millions is no longer starting at $15 million. Instead, it’s going to be starting at $40 million just like Powerball. If Powerball is your favourite lottery, then it looks like Mega Millions is about to be your NEW favourite!

Bigger prizes for you

You can now look forward to becoming a BILLIONAIRE, not just a millionaire. Not to mention better odds of winning second and third-tier prizes. Did you know that these second and third tier prizes are also going to increase? Well, now you do!

The odds of winning a second-tier prize have increased from 1 in 18 million to 1 in 12 million. Third-tier prizes will also be increased significantly from $5,000 to a whopping $10,000! Due to this increase, the other lower prize tiers will also increase.

More Bonus balls

Mega Millions is also taking the leap towards the introduction of more Mega Balls. That means bigger prizes, yes, but it will also be slightly harder to hit the jackpot. Don’t be sad when you read that, though, because Mega Millions has already given you better odds of winning a huge second-tier prize. It’s better than nothing! They had to strike a balance otherwise players could win the jackpot too easily…that means YOUR jackpot, too!

The range of bonus balls has therefore increased from 15 to 25. The range of main numbers remains the same, though. So that’s another piece of great news!
Mega Millions is going to rock your world very soon…Keep your eyes peeled for when the changes commence on the 31st of October. It certainly is going to be a year to remember! Imagine taking home a jackpot before the New Year…it could happen!

Start your warm-up with these exciting changes by getting your Mega Millions tickets now!

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