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26/10/2017 Say ‘HELLO’ to KENO!

LOTTO247 is thrilled to announce that the super-exciting KENO 9 and 12 games have arrived!

Where does Keno originate?

Did you know that Keno dates back thousands of years? It’s one of the oldest forms of playing the lottery. It’s believed that the game originated in China during the Han Dynasty 3000 years ago! It was used to raise funds for the construction of the Great Wall of China.

What is Keno?

If you’re someone who doesn’t like to wait for results between lottery draws, then this game is perfect for you! You can now win an incredible cash prize every 3 minutes.
That’s right – every 3 minutes!
This instant win game is similar to playing the lottery, only at faster intervals.

How do I play Keno?

Keno is one of the easiest games around to play. Did we mention that it’s really fun too?

Each ticket has a total of 80 numbers available to choose from. All you have to do is choose to play either “Keno 9” or “Keno 12”. Depending on which game you play, that will be the amount of numbers you choose. For example, if you choose to play Keno 9, you will select 9 numbers. If you play Keno 12, you will play 12 numbers.

You can choose to play your numbers manually, or use the quick pick method if you prefer. Once you’ve hit the confirmation button and completed your purchase, all you need to do is sit back and let your luck take care of the rest!
Depending on which Keno game you played, that will determine how much your grand prize will be after matching all numbers correctly. For example, on Keno 9, you can win €50,000 for matching all numbers. On Keno 12, you can win a staggering €1 million!

Get in on the action now!

If you love playing the lottery online as it is, then you’ll have even more fun with this game! The best part is that it’s much cheaper to play and you can win large amounts every 3 minutes!

Visit this page for more information on how to play Keno and get ready to start winning BIG!

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