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  • OZ Lotto: Results for 21st November 2017

  • 14 15 16 23 26 33 45 5 24
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    1;3;5;15;16;25;30 + 12;40
    4;12;13;26;30;37;45 + 10;17
    6;21;23;30;32;42;44 + 9;29
    9;15;22;31;35;40;44 + 32;36
    12;22;23;37;39;41;45 +18;20
    6;15;25;27;31;33;44 +19;26
    2;6;10;14;25;28;31 +8;33
    4;6;17;18;21;33;37 +1;8
    2;17;26;27;33;37;42 +4;44
    5;9;19;28;31;41;45 +1;37
    1;7;9;30;38;39;45 +14;28
    4;8;20;29;32;37;40 +7;17
    3;8;18;20;24;30;38 +21;44
    17;20;24;27;31;34;43 +6;29
    2;7;21;22;31;37;39 +1;40
    2;12;17;18;34;41;43 +16;22
    1;12;15;17;23;24;27 +29;41
    7;25;27;28;33;34;35 +38;41
    14;16;25;26;29;36;45 +3;7
    17;20;31;34;37;39;44 +24;29
    15;17;30;34;35;43;45 +14;23
    12;22;28;31;32;35;42 +1;39
    11;17;30;31;32;43;45 +7;10
    7;11;15;16;18;26;27 +21;30
    2;5;7;13;22;36;42 +18;23
    6;9;17;22;27;41;43 +8;36
    5;8;20;33;34;36;37 +17;40
    3;6;9;13;23;37;43 +32;38
    3;8;18;21;25;27;38 +23;35
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  • Tuesday, 28th November 2017
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    Guess Range: 7/45

    Hosted in: Australia

    Shedule: Tue 20:25

    To play Oz Lotto online, players select seven numbers from a guess range of 1-45. At the lottery drawing, seven regular numbers will be drawn together with 2 bonus numbers that count towards secondary prizes only.

    To win the jackpot, players must match seven numbers from the regular guess set which has a guess range of 1- 45. The lottery has no rollover cap or taxes. The Oz Lotto's largest jackpot of AUD$106 million (US $109 million) was won in June of 2009.
  • more about OZ Lotto

  • The Oz Lotto is Australia's favourite national lottery and holds the record for the highest Aussie lotto jackpots, making it the country’s leading lottery game.

    Oz Lotto History
    The Oz Lotto was created in February 1994 and is administered by the Tattersalls and LotteryWest companies. At the time of its founding, the Oz Lotto was the only lottery that could be played nationally. The jackpot was originally won with six numbers drawn from a guess range of 1-45, but in 2005 lottery officials added a seventh ball. At this time, the logo and advertising of the lottery began to focus of the new seventh number (Oz 7 Lotto, Super 7’s Lotto) with the lotto name varying depending on the state. Until recently, the largest win was AU$106 million (US$109 million) in 2009. In November 2012, a new record was set as the jackpot reached AU$112 million (US$117 million).

    OZ Lotto is the lottery game played in Australia on Tuesday evenings. The draws are run at approximately 8:30pm AEST with entries closing at 6:30om AEST.

    To play OZ Lotto, a customer must select seven numbers from a choice of 45 numbers on the OZ Lotto game panel. The minimum number of games that can be played on a ticket for Ozlotto is 1, which gives the customer one chance to win the Ozlotto prize.

    There are several ways to play the OZ Lotto game, let’s have a look at the first way to play OZ Lotto called a Quickpick. Quickpicks are available to customers at any land based or accredited online lottery agent and allow the customer to have a computer randomly select 7 numbers for each game they choose to play.

    The next way to play OZ Lotto is a marked coupon. The marked coupon offers the customer the opportunity to select their own numbers for each game they would like to enter into the Ozlotto draw. The customer is able to select 7 numbers out of the possible 45 for each game.

    Syndicates are a way that a group of customers may participate and enter an OZ Lotto entry by pooling together their funds to pay for the entry and the splitting the prize pool should they be lucky enough to win the draw.

    Another popular way to play OZ Lotto is with a “with the field” entry. With the Field allows the customer to select 5 or 6 numbers (instead of the standard 7) from 45 for each game they enter. The customer is then guaranteed the remaining 1 or 2 numbers to form a winning combination. Of the 7 winning numbers drawn for the OZ Lotto game the customer enters, they will only need to actually have correctly chosen 5 or 6 of them to win.

    OZ Lotto also offers advance and multi-week entries which allow a customer to enter OZ Lotto draws up to 10 weeks in advance with either their regular numbers or via a quickpick.

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