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21/7/2019 Italy lottery SuperEnalotto jackpot is € 193.5 Million

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Italy lottery SuperEnalotto offers the top jackpot to entice lottery players this Tuesday (GMT). The SuperEnalotto prize has reached € 193.5 Million. Numbers will be selected on 23rd July 2019 (GMT).

Italy lottery SuperEnalotto jackpot is € 193.5 Million

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SO BE HURRY. Italy lottery SuperEnalotto Draw starts already on 23rd July 2019 (GMT).

About SuperEnalotto

Italy’s SuperEnalotto lottery is one of the most well-known lotteries in Europe and boasts impressive jackpots that continue to attract fans from all over the world.

SuperEnalotto History
The SuperEnalotto is run by SISAL, an Italian lottery company which has been working with the local government for more than 60 years. The lottery’s predecessor ‘Enalotto’ had been in operation since the 1950’s when SISAL won the rights to run lotteries. Enalotto officials decided to amend some of the game’s rules as well as the name to make it more fun to play in December 1996.
The SuperEnalotto received its new look and feel from Rodolfo Molo, the son of one of SISAL’s original founders, with the goal of offering an easy-to-play format which guarantees extraordinary jackpots. The first draw of the newly-named SuperEnalotto took place in December of 1997.

SuperEnalotto Rules
The lottery is played by choosing six numbers from a guess range of 1-90. The bonus ball (Jolly) is automatically selected for players and is required to win the second prize only on Italy lottery tickets.

Winning the SuperEnalotto
To win this Italian lotto, a player must match the six regular numbers drawn, regardless of the bonus number. Like many Italian lotteries, there is a tax of 1.03% on winnings over €100, a 3.1% tax on winnings over €300 and a 6% on any winnings over €500.00. The largest SuperEnalotto jackpot was €177,800,000 in October 2010.
Italy lottery SuperEnalotto jackpot is € 193.5 Million

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