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13/1/2021 U.S. lottery Powerball jackpot is US$ 550 Million

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U.S. lottery Powerball offers the top jackpot to entice lottery players this Thursday (EST). The Powerball prize has reached US$ 550 Million. Numbers will be selected on 14th January 2021 (EST).

U.S. lottery Powerball jackpot is US$ 550 Million

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SO BE HURRY. U.S. lottery Powerball Draw starts already on 14th January 2021 (EST).

About Powerball

The US Powerball lottery has proudly offered some of the largest jackpots in lottery history. The lotto has become a household name and a source of inspiration for similar Powerball lottery games around the world, such as the New Zealand Powerball and the Australian Powerball.

USA Powerball History
The USA Powerball was originally known as the “Lotto America” when it was started in 1988 by the MUSL (Multi-State Lottery Association). It has since come to embody the ultimate American lottery experience. In April 1992, the name was changed to the U.S. Powerball and the game’s first drawing officially took place three days later. The Power Play option (which allows players to increase secondary prizes by 2-4 times) was added on 7th March 2001.
Originally, the US Powerball could only be sold in US states where the Mega Millions lottery was not sold. As a result, until 2009, the USA Powerball was only sold in 23 states. A compromise was reached to allow states to sell both lotteries, and today the USA Powerball can be found in 44 states. Proceeds from the USA Powerball are shared between the cooperating states, with each state then distributing its fund allocation as it sees fit. Most states use the lottery proceeds for government funded programs that further educational initiatives or community efforts.

In the US, Powerball tickets can be purchased in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, US Virgin Islands, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

On 15th January 2012, the US Powerball updated its prizes and winning odds in honor of its 20th anniversary. One of the most important changes was the reduction of the Powerball guess range from 39 to 35 balls, allowing more players to win the jackpot and other prizes. Although Powerball officials doubled ticket prices, they also doubled the starting jackpot amount from $20 million to $40 million. The Power Play was changed to a fixed multiplier, doubling the second place prize to $2 million and multiplying all other secondary prizes by 2-4 times.

Starting from the 22nd January 2014 draw, Power Play is no longer a fixed multiplier. It continues to double the amount of the second prize to $2 million, but multiplies all the other secondary prizes by up to 5 times, depending on the Power Play number for the respective draw.

The California Lottery Commission unanimously approved the addition of Powerball to the state’s lottery offerings on November 29th, 2012, following the lottery’s record-breaking $588 million jackpot, which was broken once again just six months later! California will join the majority of US states that already participate in Powerball to become the lottery’s 43rd member. Powerball’s play format will be familiar to Californians who have been playing Mega Millions for years. Both huge multi-state lotteries require players to select five regular numbers and one additional number to win the jackpot. With the Power Play option, players can double, triple, or quadruple their winnings on secondary prizes including the lottery’s illustrious second prize worth $1 million or $2 million with Power Play. However, Californians should be aware that prizes are paid differently; the California Powerball uses a parimutuel system to determine the size of each prize, such that prize values are not fixed, but depend on sales and the number of winning tickets. Another important difference is that California Powerball does not support the Power Play feature.

USA Powerball Rules
To play the USA Powerball, players select five balls from a guess range of 1-59 and an additional number (Powerball) from a separate number matrix with a guess range of 1-35. Compare the U.S. Powerball lottery with Powerball lottos from around the world.

Winning the USA Powerball
A winning ticket is called when a ticket matches the five numbers of the regular guess set as well as the Powerball additional number. Wins are taxed at a rate of 36.00%, and taxes are approximately 50% in the case of a lump sum.

The US Powerball historic jackpots include: $1.5 Billion won by three winners in January 2016, $590 million won by a single winner in May 2013, $588 million won by two winning tickets in November 2012, a $448.4 million prize in August 2013 divided among three winning tickets - one of them belonging to 16 New Jersey co-workers, $400 million won by a sole winner in September 2013, $365 million shared by eight people in February 2006 and a prize of $340 million won in October 2005.

In May 2013, the US Powerball lottery marked another milestone with the $590 million jackpot claimed two weeks after the draw by a woman in Florida. This is currently Powerball's record jackpot and the second largest lottery prize ever won in the whole world!
U.S. lottery Powerball jackpot is US$ 550 Million

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